A bit of a request...(XXX)

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A bit of a request...(XXX)

Post by d1992 »


Sorry if this isn’t the correct board for this, please just let me know and move it or I will.

My watch fetish is a little insatiable now, so I’m looking for something here. I’d like to see if there are any ladies here who are watchgirls, and perhaps see if we could strike up a friendship, and perhaps be friends with some benefits. Again, sorry if it’s not the correct board, but I thought I’d try here.

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Re: A bit of a request...(XXX)

Post by Gordy »

Doubt you'll have much luck searching for hook-ups on here. Not even sure how many female members we actually have. Maybe you could try Fetlife? I haven't seen much content at all regarding wristwatch fetishes but you never know your luck.

I'd be careful with that insatiability though, mate. My fetish got a little out of control as I got into the habit of saving photos of "watchgirls" I knew on Facebook. This habit had started while I was single and because I knew I would never do anything to harm or make those girls feel uncomfortable in real life I figured it wasn't a big deal.

However, I never quite managed to kick the habit. I have quite an obsessive, addictive personality and engage in quite a lot of compulsive buying/hoarding of things (magazines, CDs, funko pop figures etc) as well as downloading loads of BDSM porn. So I was still saving photos to indulge my kink even when I eventually found myself in a relationship.

The last girl I dated went sneaking around on my laptop one day and found some photos (not all as most were saved on an external drive). You can imagine how well that went, especially after she found my old photobucket account containing spotted-in-public photos that I'd shared on here. Following our split she posted on Facebook about how I was a "pervert" etc. The whole thing could have been a lot uglier than it was, I suppose, but still not a fun ride overall.

So yeah, I take full responsibility for my actions as well as not taking the precaution of password-protecting my computer. What I get for being too trusting I suppose. Moral of the story: be careful how much you let a fetish control your behaviour.

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