Good deed rewarded
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Author:  evoviii [ Sat Jun 27, 2015 9:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Good deed rewarded

End of a long morning helping a friend's sister move her stuff from one storage facility to another. An early start with a free breakfast introduced me to the sister. Long dark hair framing dark eyes a large fake chest on a tiny frame. Over breakfast she all but empties a white leather designer handbag followed by a matching yellow handbag to locate the paperwork for the storage place. Out of the multitude of items emerging comes a black sports watch followed by the same in pink. She picks up the black one and I ID it as a Nike Imara, black with off white bezel. I've had a close encounter with an Imara before, and I start to make a play to try to get her to wear them both together. While I'm complimenting her watches, she straps on the black one. "If you like my watched you can just ask", which interrupts my play with a blank pause. She pushes the pink one on me while taking my hand with the other of hers and an proceeds to place the Imara there. "Look at this pretty watch" she immediately shows my wrist to our waitress. "Sexy" smiles the waitress indulging my grudging embarrassment. The sister makes sure that all the ladies we encounter this day get to see it. I was hoping the move would discover some more watches, but we encountered more handbags and lots of high heels. The sister did feel me out to see if I'd ever worn heels. A number of heavy furniture moved ends with a free lunch at the end after being invited to show the Imara to at least three of the lady wait staff. I got to wear it home under the joking threat that she'd check up to make sure I was always wearing it.


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