Finally happened

Chat about girls wearing watches

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Finally happened

Post by evoviii »

For the longest while, ladies everywhere have been swinging the Apple Watch, and i just haven't been able to get into it. It has always been a computer on a strap, usually a plastic strap, and is too big for my general tastes. The strap I've seen that I like is leather; I'm also trying to gauge if this strap is ladies only, not something I could pull off in the work place.

I just wish these Apple Watches weren't so expensive, spending so much on something I'm just getting in to. But it has opened the door for me slightly on these things finally, see where it goes. Too many of them look like guys watches. But with the proliferation of more watch-like straps, there is some interest for me.
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Re: Finally happened

Post by DWLover »

I have been into apple watches for years,
I hope I can find a girl wearing it.haha

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Re: Finally happened

Post by D-man »

Don't know where you hail from pal, but North America is chock full of them.... :roll:

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