a man wearing women's watches
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Author:  mainemike [ Sat Aug 26, 2017 7:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: a man wearing women's watches

I was able to wear a friends Fossil watch for the last 8 months along side of one of my Casio or Swatch watches. I loved wearing it and thought it looked and felt great. My friend even inserted extra links into it so I could wear it - it was large enough that I could wear it as a second watch - and she could wear it as a 3rd.

My GF didn't like me wearing that watch so I have since returned it.

She has a Citizen watch that I have noticed for years and have liked - it always was too small for me to wear and she had offered it to me to try on and even said how nice it looked when I just held it in place. I recently discovered watch band extensions and just 2 links was enough for me to be able to wear it! I have had the pleasure of wearing it for almost a full week in the past. Recently she wore another one so I could wear this one as she knew I liked it so I have had it on for most all of the week. The other day when heading home I said how I should give it back to her but to my surprise she said to keep it till we got together again - in a month or so! It felt funny to be taking it away from her temporarily but I really do like it. I have been pushing it on my right wrist as I think it is a bit too feminine to wear facing up. It just looks like a chain bracelet on my wrist - but a 'smart' one as a chain won't tell the time. I just wish I knew if it was water resistant so I could not have to take it off in the shower. I may have to call Citizen with the model to see if they can answer that question.

The 2 extra links was just perfect so I can add another watch and can choose to have this one to the left or right and it looks great sandwiched between a pair of Swatches.

I'd like to know if other guys are also having fun wearing their GF's watches - you should try trading sometime. I feel like I am being hugged on my wrist while we are apart and it's a great feeling. If it looks too feminine just wear it inside and no one but you will ever know that you have it on. :-)


Author:  mainemike [ Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: a man wearing women's watches

So I have since had the fortune of getting my GF Citizen watch back to wear. When recently visiting her I brought the extra links and a couple of days into my stay one night she pointed at her watch that she had just taken off and said that I could wear it the next day. I of course put it on that night and slept with it.
I just love how it feels on me - I wear it on the inside as it is a bit feminine looking.

She has let me take it until we meet again which will be at the end of December and I am guessing I'll get to keep it for another month as we travel in January.
That's about 2 full months that I will have been able to wear it this year. I suggested shopping for a new watch for her - one that I might like to wear as well so I could trade her every time I see her - and maybe wear the 2 at once on occasion. ...she is not into wearing 2 but has done it in the past.

Currently I sandwiched a friends small Seiko and a small Swatch on either side of her Citizen - I love how it feels and looks to wear 3 on my wrist.

Anyone else wearing their GF's watch like this? Those watch band extensions work - and are fairly cheap.


Author:  mainemike [ Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: a man wearing women's watches

going on month 2 of wearing my GF's Citizen watch - pushing it on the inside of my right hand as it really does look a bit feminine for me to wear outside. It's routine for me now - I only take it off to shower as it's not water resistant. It looks and feels very nice with another Swatch by its side. When I wear 3 I call it my heavy metal look with all the silver together. I am hoping to get my friends Fossil again to wear - my GF only told me I had to return it but nothing about being able to get it back again ... LOL

I love the multiple look and have not seen much of that in any forums lately - maybe it's because it is Winter and Summer is the time to wear 2 or more with short sleeves?

Whatever the case hope to see more stories with pictures soon.


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