My "Best of watchgirls" pics

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My "Best of watchgirls" pics

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I initially started this selection with the goal to gather quality pictures in one place and gradually replace them when I found even better pics, so that it would evolve into a increasingly potent collection of watchgirls pics. I've talked about this previously in the topic "Here are my 'Best of Watchgirls' Imageshack albums" from the Watchfetish section viewtopic.php?f=7&t=7649. Though I might change that now that I don't seem to have the ability to directly link to an album and not wanting to post links that won't go anywhere in the future, what with having the corresponding pic replaced.

I have some pics in my albums that are preview pics from watchmasters site that I've enlarged by holding down Ctrl+scrolling, which is why they have such bad resolution/seem so pixellated. If that isn't allowed for some reason, then I shall remove those links from this topic or even those pics from my imgbb account.

The password for each pic/album: watchgirls

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