MK8077 (gold) - MK8096 (rose gold) - MK8086 (silver)

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MK8077 (gold) - MK8096 (rose gold) - MK8086 (silver)

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I think everyone agrees the MK8077-MK8096-MK8086 series by MK is the best and the biggest! They look awesome on girls and they are high quality heavy watches!

I am selling these watches now, refurbished for a lower price (original price was around 250 euro).
They are all ORIGINALS, real Michael Kors watches. I am buying them and restoring them, putting in new links (to replace damage) and batteries.

Price per watch = 120 euro including VAT. Shipping within Europe only 10 euro, further away 20 euro.
If you want a custom video of a super hot girl wearing your watch before I ship it, I can do that for ONLY 50 euro extra!

Please email me at to get your own MK8077 (GOLD) or MK8096 (ROSE GOLD) or MK8086 (SILVER)

Examples of the videos I did with those watches can be found at

Image Image Image WatchGirls Clip Store - exclusive high quality watch fetish clips - hot girls, big watches, requests, videos and more

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