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stopped watches

Post by dune26277 »

Hi folks,

I am new to the forum. Of course I get turned on by women wearing watches, but I also have a quirk which I feel is unique to me and somewhat embarrasses me. I am turned on by stopped watches or rather the frustrated way a woman may react to that. Especially a woman frowning and trying to get her watch to start working again turns me on. Things like tapping, shaking, winding or otherwise fidgeting with the watch. My quirk for stopped watches also means I am turned on by watches that get wet or otherwise run the risk of stopping. I don’t really know why I am turned on by this. Perhaps because the frustration may be a reflection of the woman’s attachment to her watch. I am pretty sure I once saw a woman tap her watch on TV and that this may be the cause of my quirk.

I enjoy the more ‘vanilla’ aspects of just seeing a woman wear a watch I like, but this is something that turns me on even more. What are your opinions on this quirk? Do you have any quirks of your own? What is your unique way of experiencing this fetish?
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Re: stopped watches

Post by grovercleveland »

Not a particular fetish of mine. My gf's watch (an Invicta angel) stopped during the height of the "stay at home" phase of the pandemic, and she kept wearing it, because she knows I like it.
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Re: stopped watches

Post by BlueJason »

I don't feel any special attraction to that kind of thing, sorry. I mean, if she is tapping the watch or checking it, holding it, etc. it's better than nothing.

The tv show Ghost Whisperer season 5 episode 4 has a scene where Jennifer Love Hewitt's watch stops and she checks it a few times.
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Re: stopped watches

Post by Bullet »

My fetish behaves similarly, it also turns me on when a pretty woman wears a beautiful watch in situations that may cause the watch to be damaged. E.g. in water or similar. Thats wy i like this threads most viewtopic.php?t=14357&start=180 , viewtopic.php?t=3709&start=105
Wearing a broken watch on a woman doesn't turn me on. I think there are just endless possibilities of sexual arousal. :D
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