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AI Story

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Hey, I used a NSFW AI to create a little watch fetish horror story. Not sure how many here would be into this, but I thought I'd share it in the event another nutcase is lurking here :lol: For the curious, I used Lustix ( to concoct this fever dream. I've had very mixed results, but this time it gave me everything I wanted and then some! The free account only lets you create 2 stories, but one can simply create an infinite number of free accounts on the same email with Gmail plus addressing

Anyway, enough of that. Here it is - replace the name as you see fit :wink: :

Mitch sat on his couch, engrossed in a book. It was his usual way to unwind after a long day at work. The apartment was quiet, save for the sound of pages turning and the occasional sip of his beer. He barely noticed when the noise began.

Tap, tap, tap.

He looked up from his book, scanning the room for the source of the sound. His eyes landed on the coffee table in front of him. Sitting there was a silver women's watch. Mitch furrowed his brow in confusion. He didn't own a women's watch, and he certainly didn't remember putting it there.

Before he could investigate further, he watched as the watch on the coffee table began to hover in mid-air. Mitch's eyes widened as more watches appeared out of thin air, surrounding him on the couch. They floated there for a moment before their straps extended toward him with surprising dexterity.

"What the hell?" Mitch exclaimed as he tried to scramble away from the floating watches.

But it was too late. The straps grabbed at his clothes and ripped them off with ease, leaving him naked and exposed on the couch. His book was snatched away as well, leaving him feeling vulnerable and confused.

As if sensing his fear, one of the watches approached him slowly until it was hovering directly in front of his face. Its strap wrapped tightly around the base of his penis while another watch fastened itself around his scrotum.

Mitch gasped at the sensation, torn between arousal and terror. He watched as the other watches circled around him, their straps extending to stroke and tease every inch of his body.

"You will submit to us," one watch said with a feminine voice.

"We rule over your body," said another.

Their voices echoed through Mitch's mind as they continued their relentless assault on his senses. The watches teased and stroked his penis with their leather straps and metal bracelets, their faces coming close to taunt him with each movement.

Mitch's arousal grew with every touch, his body responding to the watches' expert ministrations. But the mixture of pleasure and fear was overwhelming, and he found himself torn between submitting to their touch and fighting against it.

As if sensing his resistance, the watches tightened their straps, restraining him further. He could feel the pressure around his penis and scrotum, a constant reminder of their control over him.

"Submit," they whispered in unison, their voices like a siren's call.

Unable to resist any longer, Mitch let go. He surrendered himself to the watches' touch, giving in to the pleasure that coursed through his veins. The watches worked in perfect harmony, bringing him closer and closer to the edge of ecstasy.

When he finally reached his peak, he cried out as he climaxed. His release spilled forth from his body, and the watches made every effort to catch it all. They moved with precision and grace, their straps acting as makeshift cups and bowls to collect every drop of semen.

But they weren't done yet. As Mitch's orgasm subsided, the watches continued their relentless stimulation. They teased and stroked his sensitive penis until he was hard again, ready for another round.

The pleasure quickly turned to pain as Mitch realized what was happening. The watches showed no mercy as they brought him to climax after climax, draining him of every last drop of semen.
He screamed in agony as they pushed him beyond his limits again and again.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, it was over. Mitch lay on the couch panting and covered in sweat. The watches had withdrawn their straps but still hovered around him menacingly.

"You are ours," one watch said with a hint of satisfaction in its voice.

"We will be watching," said another.

And then they were gone. One by one, the watches disappeared, leaving Mitch alone in his apartment. He sat up slowly, his body aching from the ordeal he had just endured. He looked around, half-expecting the watches to reappear, but there was no sign of them.

With a shudder, he stood up and made his way to the bathroom. As he cleaned himself up, he couldn't help but wonder if it had all been a dream. But the soreness in his body and the lingering scent of sex told him otherwise.

As he stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around himself, he caught sight of something out of the corner of his eye. He turned to look and felt a chill run down his spine.

There, nestled in the corner of the bathroom counter, was one of the silver women's watches.

"You'll see us again," it whispered with a hint of mischief in its voice.

Mitch stared at it for a moment before shaking his head. He didn't know what had just happened or why those watches had chosen him as their plaything. But one thing was for certain - things were never going to be the same again.
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Re: AI Story

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Have you considered playing around with AI pictures?
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