Hi I'm Roxy!

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Hi I'm Roxy!

Post by Roxy »

Hi, I'm Roxy!

You may have seen me before! I own an MK8086 watch and I am currently available to record handjob and blowjob custom videos with WatchMaster!
I also do custom bondage videos!

We have also recorded blowjob video clips with a gold Michael Korse, an Invicta, a G-Shock, a Guess Heavy Metal and many more! Email me at roxy@boundlife.com or watchmaster@watchgirls.net to buy the existing video cips or order a custom one!
One example is available for sale here: https://www.watchgirls.net/en/collectio ... 086-mk8077

I'm just a student trying to make a little extra, so let me know if you want to see anything specific and I can do it for you!

You can message me on here, but I am not often on here I think, so for faster replies email works better :D

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Re: Hi I'm Roxy!

Post by Baby G Boy »

Hey Roxy!

That video seems to be very nice and I appreciate new stuff here. But the pricing is just a touch too much. I‘m sorry!
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Re: Hi I'm Roxy!

Post by klex »

Hi Roxy,

I think so too. I know there are costs and the target audience is very small. If the price would be something between 10€ to 15€, I'd love to buy it, but 25€ is too much. I think with these conditions it's hard to make some money, you should do this only if you do it for fun. And Watchmaster should be only paid with blowjobs :D
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Re: Hi I'm Roxy!

Post by ekorarre »

Hi, I think it is a great video. I have to disagree with the others. For such a niche fetish, I believe it is fair considering the content and the quality. Maybe it would help to make shorter videos so it may possibly be more affordable.
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