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Ways to download pics from other websites

Posted: Sat Mar 19, 2022 2:35 pm
by BlueJason
I've found a lot of ways to download pics from sites that don't typically let you do it. I use these tricks to collect pics on a lot of tv shows, movies, profiles etc. and feel free to post your own.


The easiest way to get pics from Instagram is to use a 3rd party which pulls the pics directly from Instagram. I've never had any trouble with these. Here are a few:

Instagram compresses photos down, the largest dimension will never be more than about 1300px, so if you can find another source, you may find higher quality pictures.

You can identify Instagram photos because they follow a naming scheme: "18251365_418197518556027_5519929408049119232_n". It will always be 8 digits in the first string, underscore, a longer string, underscore, 3rd longer string, underscore, and always ends with "n". I have not found a way to reverse engineer the Instagram links to find the original account.


Flickr lets the uploader choose what sizes viewers can download, many often let you download "Original" size photos, these are the largest available. However some will block you. It is easy to bypass: you simply click the button that says "View all sizes", and then open the largest size and save it. You can always get the largest size this way.

What is more useful is identifying Flickr file names and actually finding the original upload based on the file name. Flickr photos follow a naming scheme: "4995044242_48530de81c_4k.jpg". This is string of nine through eleven digits (photoid), underscore, string of alphanumeric digits (hash), underscore, and file size descriptor. The filesize can be m, b, k, o 4k, 5k, or 6k. "k" and "o" are the original size of the upload, for

If you have a Flickr photo saved and want to find the original upload, simply take the first string of digits, and add to the end of this link:

So when we do the same for above, the full link is "", and you go directly to the upload.


IMDb typically does not allow you to right-click and save photos, however you can easily trick it to giving you the photo link, and sometimes they are much bigger than shown. For this example I am using Google Chrome.

1. Navigate to the page of the photo you wish to select. For this example I navigate here: ... 729343745/
2. right click the image and select "View Page Source".
3. Hit Ctrl+F key to bring up search bar. type in "jpg".
4. The first four entries lead to a small version of the photo. Instead, Navigate to the 5th entry in the search. The entry is the hyperlink to the fullsize version of the photo. This version will always end its string with "@._V!_.jpg". Here it is, this image is 6000x4000: ... @._V1_.jpg

Re: Ways to download pics from other websites

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2023 2:42 pm
by BlueJason
Here are some more tips I use to get good pics:

Reverse Image Searches

Reverse Image Search is a tool that allows you to "google" an image to find other copies and versions of the same image. Sometimes you might have only one picture from a set, or you only have a small file, and the reverse image search might help you find the full sets, larger and higher quality versions, and more. Here are three versions that I use:

Google Images: then click "search by image"
Bing Images: then click "search using an image"

For example le't use this image: ... ecorps.jpg a small 976x549 photo of the Beatles.

Either upload your own copy of an image, or use an image url from the internet. Then, you can find other image sources which will link you back to the same image (maybe one source has extra pictures from the photo set, or in higher quality). Tineye lets you sort by Biggest which is usually the best choice, so I quickly found this 5000 x 5000 version: ... -Cover.jpg

The sites also link you to Stock photo websites as Sponsored links, those usually are not as good. But this can be helpful to locate original sources if you take the time to investigate.

Re: Ways to download pics from other websites

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2024 3:03 pm
by BlueJason
Stock Images

There are tons of stock images out there of women wearing watches, and you can often download free preview images. The easiest way to find them is to search the site itself, but some sites are easier than others. The second best way to find them is to reverse image search like in the previous post. If you have one stock image, you can find other copies of it, or other images from the same set, since the photographers often make full sets of images. Most of the time all you need to do is right click and save, or magnify the preview then save.

I have not ever tried any of the free trials, making an account, etc. - maybe with free accounts you can access better images but this is just with no account.

Getty Images - Getty offers clear 2048x2048 image previews. Their watermark is also one of the least intrusive. I always try to use Getty.
iStockphoto - iStockphoto also offers the same, the only difference is you have to save the photo without magnifying it in order to get the largest size. iStockphoto and Getty are the same company so most pictures are on both sites, though some are not.

Freepik - large, clear image size, and the watermark is not very intrusive but still covers the whole page.
Alamy - smaller image size and larger watermark.
EyeEm - clear images, but searching for images is very difficult, and there are no "series" of images. Also, you usually cannot save directly from the site, you need to find the image from the reverse image search to save it, but you can usually get them with no watermark at all. I save these if I find them but never search the site itself.

Westend61 - small image size, but watermark is barely visible so it seems like a clear image.
Adobe - small image size, but watermark is more noticeable.
Fotolia - same pictures as Adobe.

Shutterstock - medium image size, watermark is larger, but they add artifacts to the preview images so they are lower quality than actual photo.
DepositImages - I don't think you can save previews at all.